Annigoni Beige, 27.5" x 39”, 250gsm

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This wonderful beige-toned paper is 100% cotton and suitable for a variety of overlapping mediums. It's soft handle lends itself to all printmaking and drawing techniques

The surface has just enough texture to take graphite (Annigoni used it for all of his pencil renderings), pastel, charcoal and light wet-media. 

In the mid 1900's Annigoni was a drawing paper specifically produced by Cartiere Magnani mill for the Italian painter Pietro Annigoni, known for his painting of Queen Elizabeth II in 1956. All these years later, the Annigoni paper is made to the exact specifications by the Magnani mill on the original machine. 

If you look closely at the surface of the sheet you will notice some very faint dark fibers - these are not imperfections but rather inclusions that were desired by the artist Annagoni himself. This paper remains intact as a living testimony to its namesake - Annigoni - a truly unique paper not found anywhere else in the world.

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