Shin Inbe, Kelp, 21” x 31”, 105gsm

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Merging tradition and innovation in papermaking has been part of the Fujimori family’s genes for generations. Seven generations to be precise. Awagami now brings us Shin Inbe, a sheet inspired by Ingres laid paper, while combining the Japanese tradition with the modern approach to fiber mixing:

  • Mix of hemp, recycled washi & wood pulp
  • Ideal for bookbinding, framing & all crafts
  • Classic laid pattern with a silky finish
  • Recommended for drawing, charcoal & pastel
  • Excellent resilience & light fastness
  • Inkjet, laser & offset printing on both sides.

Originally, papermakers used indigenous fibers, such as kozo, gampi and mitsumata. However, due to a large increase in the need for paper during the Meiji period (1868–1912), paper mills started using wood pulp in a process that became mechanized.

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