Printmaker's Swatch, Sample Book

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Papers Included:
Annigonni Beige, Aquaprint, Arches 88, Arches Cover (Black, Cream, White), Arches Platine, Arches Text, Arturo Cover (Buttercream, Celadon, Gray, Pale Blue, Pale Pink, Red, Soft White, White), 
Blotting, Canson Edition (Bright White, Cream, Wheat), Frankfurt (Cream, White), German Etching (Durer aka Bright White, and Warm White), Goyu, Gutenburg, Hahnemuhle Copperplate (Bright White, Warm White), Hosho (Professional, Student Grade), Johannot (125gsm, 240gsm), Kitakata (Natural, Pale Green), Kochi, Kozo, Kozoshi, Lennox 100, Masa, Mingeshi (Natural, White), Mohawk (Cover, Text), Mulberry (Japanese, Thai Selection), Murillo (over 10 Different Colors), Mylar (Clear, Matte), Nideggen, Okawara (Handmade, Machine-Made, Student Grade), Pergamenata (Natural, White), Pescia (Blue, Cream, Greay, Soft White, White), 

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