Evolon AP Roll, 168 gsm, 80" x 10 yd

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It will not tear under its own weight like paper does.
It is archival, inert to any art material we can think of, and it is hard to destroy. You can wet it repeatedly, and it always dries back rapidly and absolutely flat. If you do not wring it or wrinkle it when it is wet, it will stay in its sheet form. If you wring it when wet or launder it, it will turn from a sheet into a soft fabric you can sew or glue a shirt out of! It does not fray. You can iron it and make it smoother too. Or cut it with a hot point or distort it or shape it somewhat with a heat gun. (Ventilate the area well when heating or melting it.) You can foam roll it with a fabric dye or tint it to any color.
It does not stretch even under pressure/tension of an etching press and maintains a perfect registration. It often prints dry but dampens instantly if better for your medium. You can mist it or you can alternate one dipped and one dry sheet and press it together by hand for an instant dampening result or you can wet pack it and keep it wet for weeks. It is remarkably mold resistant. Unbeatable and most forgiving for use in a classroom setting, the harshest environment of all!
It wicks like crazy and equalizes moisture concentration throughout the entire volume of the sheet or a stack of sheets without any settling. It can hold up to 5 times its weight of water.

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