Arches EnTout Cas Roll, 52" x 10 yards,280gr

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This high quality mouldmade two-sided paper was created for multi-purpose use and a variety of media.

It offers two distinct surfaces: a cold press finish ideal for watercolor or pastel on one side, and a smooth finish for ink and technical drawing, wood engraving, lithography, letterpress, etching, silkscreen, embossing, and foil stamping, on the other.

Made with 25% cotton fibers, gelatin sized and offers excellent mechanical strength as well as resisting the penetration of paints. En-Tout-Cas is acid-free and highly permanent with a light-resistant natural white color.

A very versatile watercolor paper with alternate sides: Hot Press(Smooth)/Cold Press(Rough)  A great price for a large roll of watercolor paper!

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