Coronavirus Protection & Prevention



Summer Store Hours


Friday & Saturday: 10am-3pm
These store hours will remain in place until Dolphin Papers has decided it is safe to return to the Regular Weekly store hours.



Store Safety

We ask that everyone wears a mask and gloves while shopping and visiting the store.
It is very important to protect both customers and Dolphin Paper employees during this time of uncertainty. 
Please no hand sanitizer while in store to protect the papers from damage, but Dolphin Papers will have gloves available for customers. We have sample books which customers are allowed to touch without gloves if needed. 

The scientific studies so far have indicated that the novel coronavirus Covid-19 can survive on the surface of cardboard for as long as 24 hours. Paper appears to have the same/similar life span for the virus, and we would like to prevent the spread of the virus onto those surfaces in the store.

Covid-19 is known for having asymptomatic infections, which means carriers may not know they have it and unknowingly touch, breathe, or spread it onto surfaces, which is why we ask everyone to wear masks and gloves to not spread any virus unknowingly to another customer.

Customers not complying with these simple rules will be asked to leave and return once those protections are in place. 


Curbside Pickup

We will continue to offer Curbside Pickup for those who shop online and decide not to enter the store. We will not keep regular hours for this option, but we will notify you via email and work with you to meet most days of the week at your convenience. 



Downtown Franklin Door Step Delivery

We will continue to offer Downtown Franklin Door Step Delivery as an option at checkout for those that need or would like to have their items dropped off. This is meant for only Franklin residents in the Downtown area and within a mile radius of the Dolphin Papers Store location.



Shopping By Appointment

Some customers may feel the need to shop during an off time due to their compromised immunity, health conditions, or age. We will work with you to schedule a time to meet at the store and open up just for you if this is needed, please email us and we will do our best to meet your special needs. 




We have been shipping boxes of paper and art supplies throughout the quarantined timeframe and will continue to do so in a timely manner. Sometimes orders may ship out one day later due to timing, but we've been very prompt with all orders. 

As mentioned above, the novel coronavirus Covid-19 could possibly survive on cardboard surfaces for up to 24 hours, and the same should be true with paper. Make sure to wash your hands after unpacking, if needed wipe down any plastic surfaces, and allow the paper to sit for 24 hours if you are concerned. 



Our Staff

We are a small company with a large reach, and it is very important to protect everyone at Dolphin Papers from becoming ill. Even when considering the best case scenario of becoming ill and recovering, it would slow and possibly shut Dolphin Papers down for several weeks. We want to avoid this at all cost while maintaining the best service to all our customers near and far.
Everyone at Dolphin Papers has been able to stay healthy through self quarantining and keeping physical distancing in place. We hope to keep providing the best service to all our customers, so we ask everyone visiting to respect our business policy by complying with wearing a mask and gloves. Customers not complying with these simple rules will be asked to leave and return once those protections are in place.